At 26 years old, Rossana Llenado founded a multi-faceted business that would grow to become the AHEAD Education Group. As a full scholar, campus leader, and a working student at the University of the Philippines (Los Banos), she showed her leadership skills at a young age. She has pursued graduate studies at both the Ateneo de Manila University and the Asian Institute of Management. Well-decorated and enthusiastic, Llenado defied the limits and proved to herself and the world that she is, indeed, a superwoman.

A Woman in a Pandemic

AHEAD was able to adjust to the new normal under Llenado’s effective leadership

The sudden global lockdown brought about by the pandemic has shut down multiple opportunities for the average working woman. When the worldwide emergency began, Llenado remained alert by watching the news and keeping track of global and national events.

She was also incredibly agile in responding to the news. She started buying alcohol sanitizers and UV equipment to place in AHEAD’s Main Office and branches. Her adaptable nature urged her to push forward amidst many challenges as she overhauled her entire business to the digital world.

Accepting the New Normal

AHEAD Classes in the New Normal

Llenado stated that in light of the recent events, we must accept the new normal. Regrets and closures will remain, and it may be challenging to adapt. Still, as humans, it is imperative to push forward to survive.

As such, individuals can have fresh starts which may translate to more opportunities. Llenado quotes, “The only thing that does not change is change.” AHEAD experienced change as well, for it had to shift to an online model. It experienced birth pains in the transition. Still, the AHEAD group survived and flourished since students from all over the Philippines could now avail of AHEAD’s packages online.

Grab opportunities, expand slowly but surely, and make adjustments to enable growth. Being quick and action-oriented is crucial in crafting plans, setting new goals, and starting anew.

Planning and Acting

Workshops are helpful in the New Normal

By being adept, an individual can focus on what they can do instead of waiting for a miracle to happen. This can encourage one to improve and invest in oneself. Seminars, workshops, and skills are available for you to explore your talents. Being adept also means that you can anticipate the changes you need to implement.

Listening to others and considering their opinions is one of a leader’s good traits. Being agreeable and understanding leads to more ideas and further innovations. This makes it possible for you to open your mind to new ways of doing things.

Altruism is essential because sharing ideas with others help build better communities. Llenado mentions that selflessness is something that the world, and not just the Philippines, needs. She was able to instill this altruism in her staff. So, they were able to give more of themselves to help the company succeed.


Alpha keeps education AHEAD!

Life goals need to be sorted out into three categories: short-term, medium-term, and end goals. In current times, survival is the primary priority, which makes it a short-term goal. After all, this pandemic will pass.

Adjusting to the new normal and creating a better status quo would be a medium-term goal. For Llenado, her end goal is to be an advocate of learning in the Philippines. This goal is not only ingrained in her but in her staff as well. This fuels their passion as they do their work.

Llenado acknowledges that the process of adapting to the current times cannot be quickly done. However, sharing her 8-part framework, which consists of traits that can build and improve an individual, can aid in one’s own progression and personal growth. After all, change doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it is a lifelong process.

Today, the woman is not silent. She has a voice and is a force to be reckoned with.