Back in the mid-2000s, educators from Georgia, Minnesota, and San Francisco, USA came up with a learning system that combined the best of traditional in-person learning with online education. As a response to the pandemic and growing anxiety regarding our childrens’ education, AHEAD, the country’s most awarded and leading tutorial and review center has decided to pioneer this effective learning approach, and offer such at a reasonable rate.

With schools closed since March, our children have been glued to their gadgets and may have, little-by-little, lost their interest in learning. It’s completely normal for everyone to grow anxious and have hundreds of questions, especially with this “forever summer mode” lingering in every child’s psyche. We really can’t blame them if they don’t miss school anymore, right?

Enter AHEAD Alpha’s BlendFlex Learning

Alpha is the first BlendFlex school in the Philippines

Enter AHEAD Alpha, the very first  school that mixes the best qualities of traditional, virtual, and homeschool learning methodologies through BlendFlex. From traditional schools comes the importance of structure and the teaching of basic subjects students will use in the future: English, Singapore Math, and Science, among others. Virtual or online learning on the other hand, allows us to adapt to changing situations, providing the platform needed to reach out to more students with distance practically a non-issue. Lastly, homeschooling relieves the pressures of waking up at 5:30 in the morning to prepare for school, and studying tediously for quarterly exams. With BlendFlex, your children get all these (and more!) right at the comfort and safety of their own homes.

What Happens Next?

Should the General Community Quarantine be lifted soon and the DepEd issues a formal statement on how the state of education will evolve at this time, you, as a parent, may have the following decisions to make:

  • You can send them to our physical classroom so your child can continue learning in person.


  • You have the option to let them stay at home and enjoy learning online. And the best part? You don’t need to teach them, because our Alpha teachers are well-prepared and are trained for virtual classes. They’re all graduates of UP, ADMU, DLSU, or UST, so you can imagine how qualified they are. If you’re at all familiar with AHEAD, you know that we only hire the best, because your child deserves the best education possible.