AHEAD Alpha is an online school and home-school provider that primes students to love learning and achieve their academic and life goals.

One of the most innovative institutions in the Philippines has once again pioneered a new system of learning that is tailored to the needs of the students who are facing a very different world: one that is highly technological, digitally social, environmentally conscious, and yet wrestling with the consequences of a global pandemic.

AHEAD Alpha is the first ever TripTeach school for K-12 in the world. It is designed to prepare today’s generation of learners to cope with and succeed in the brave new world.

AHEAD Alpha utilizes the best of each educational approach and combines them in one convenient package. 

This is the next revolution in education!

AHEAD Alpha combines the structure of traditional education, the synergies of progressive learning,

and the commitment of homeschooling.

With Tripteach, GenZ students will get the best education and learning experience possible!

AHEAD Alpha is the first-ever TripTeach school for K-12 in the world. TripTeach is a learning approach that combines the structure of traditional education, the synergies of progressive learning, and the commitment of homeschooling. With the combination of these three learning approaches, GenZ students are guaranteed to get the best learning experience possible.

Traditional Education

AHEAD Alpha retains the organization and structure of traditional education, which will help your children excel based on DepEd standards.

Progressive Learning

AHEAD Alpha prizes experience over memorization, just like how progressive approaches focus on learning by doing!


Like in homeschooling, AHEAD Alpha will be flexible in teaching, using any and all materials, style, program that is suitable in a particular subject. And we expect parents to support the school in rearing up the kids to reach their fullest potential.

People in AHEAD Alpha

Alpha is managed by the same team that has run the wildly successful AHEAD Education, which includes AHEAD Tutorial and Review, AHEAD Professional Network, AHEAD Junior, AHEAD Online, and AHEAD Books and Things.

AHEAD founder, Rossana Llenado, is a multi-awarded innovator in education. She has introduced a lot of firsts in the education industry and has personally trained parents how to get their kids into UP, Ateneo, De La Salle, and UST for the past 25 years. 

Alpha’s directors are the best in the Philippines. They have run two of the best schools in the country and trained thousands of educators – school principals and teachers all over the country and even abroad.

Alpha is currently looking for homeschool experts, here and abroad, to complete its roster of educators.

We want to work with both parents and students alike through the best teachers to create a perfect environment for learners.


We believe that all of this will help us produce students who are smart, happy, strong, and ready to face a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

Alpha Teachers

  • Are young, to avoid communication gaps
  • Are smart, so they know what to teach
  • Have the heart and passion to teach.
  • Believe that teaching is a privilege.
  • Truly care for their students.

Alpha Parents

  • Are concerned with their children’s education as they try to participate in the formation of their children by partnering with the school.
  • Seek the importance of quality education as much as inculcating good values.

Alpha Students

  • Comfortable in the digital world
  • Are respectful, responsible, and responsive
  • Are curious, creative, and analytical
  • Are team players, leaders, cheerleaders
  • Are not only intelligent, but can handle their emotions
  • Can persevere in the face of adversity
  • Possess empathy and care for others.

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