Being the world’s first Tripteach and the country’s first BlendFlex school, AHEAD Alpha is AHEAD’s timely response to the Philippines’ need for convenient, personalized, and quality K-12 education. As the leading name in supplementary education in the country, AHEAD Alpha as the culmination of AHEAD Tutorial and Reviews’ 25 years of service which is to provide students with quality education along with flexible learning options. 

AHEAD President Rossana Llenado breaks down all the new and exciting features of Alpha in an episode of the Pretend TV Show hosted by Ms. Nana Nadeul. She intends to show viewers the many new set-ups and techniques of learning that make Alpha unique. 

TripTeach: The Best of Traditional, Progressive, and Homeschool Learning

Alpha combines the best in learning using TripTeach

Alpha takes the best of three learning methods: traditional, progressive, and homeschool learning and combines them to give students the best learning experience possible. Unlike the traditional lecture method, progressive education utilizes students’ interests and experiences for learning—students are not taught literally nor fed with facts. 

In WorldPrep, students learned through play

Llenado fondly shares that some mothers would report that their children would say, “Hindi kami nag-aral, nag-play lang kami!” Afterwards, parents would be shocked to see that their children could already identify shapes, colors, and sizes. “What the students learn is unlimited. Learning is not only teacher-led but also student-led.”

Parents do not have to worry about Alpha’s multiple learning methods as AHEAD is no stranger to these three techniques. AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center has been using traditional teaching methods since 1995. WorldPrep Learning Center applied the progressive approach in 1999. Finally, both AHEAD Tutorial and Review and AHEAD Junior have been offering homeschool support services for over 20 years.

BlendFlex: Blended Learning Made Flexible

Alpha’s BlendFlex can happen online, or when the time is ripe, in our classroom!

BlendFlex is Alpha’s upgraded version of blended learning. Students can decide whether they will go to physical class (once the pandemic is over) or take their subjects online today. Parents can enroll their children in distance learning, homeschooling, and home-based learning, depending on what works best for them. 

Alpha also provides parents with lesson plans and materials to homeschool their children themselves. Alpha can create a set-up tailored to your convenience—perfect for the unpredictability of the new normal.

Alpha Lifelong Learning (ALL)

Not only does Alpha groom leaders of excellence, but also children of good moral character! Alpha Lifelong Learning (ALL) is Alpha’s daily class on values and communication. Llenado aims to enrich a growth-centered mindset among students and reawaken in them a love for learning.

She also highlights ALL’s lessons on public speaking, “Kasi yung number one fear ng mga tao is public speaking. So kung ganon, kung lahat ng estudyante natin walang fear sa public speaking, therefore nasa top of the world na sila kaagad! Naging ahead na sila of others na takot mag public speaking!” 

Alpha’s students will also have weekly sessions with a guidance counselor to develop empathy and be emotionally healthy.

Singapore Math 

Alpha follows global standards by teaching Singapore Math

As Singapore tops global rankings in Math, Alpha has adapted to teaching Singaporean Math to put math into practical use by solving word problems. This way, students can quickly grasp the concept of numbers through visual representations like apples as units.

Speed Reading and Mind Mapping

As a user of these techniques herself, Llenado sheds light on speed reading and mind mapping to efficiently read, understand, and write. She explains, “We think in pictures. We do not think in words.” 

Mind mapping is a way of organizing thoughts that complete a whole picture. “For college entrance exams kasi, nakita namin na lagi na lang hindi natatapos ang mga students yung reading comprehension part,” she continues. Speed reading is a vital skill to read fast and learn more.

Quality and Experience Guaranteed

Like the other AHEAD brands, Alpha has the best teachers. They have graduated at the top of their classes in UP, Ateneo, and La Salle. Alpha’s program was the brainchild of Llenado herself and seasoned educators, Dr. Cornelia Soto and Mrs. Lilia Vengco, who both have chaired PAASCU.After learning all about Alpha, host Ms. Nana Nadeul exclaims, “The advantage of AHEAD Alpha is that they have all the resources. Kahit anong kailangan, meron, nandyan na. It’s not even outsourced! It’s all within the AHEAD system.”