K to 12 Online Classes

A complete solution that will erase your worries about the quality of education your child will get at this time.

Homeschool Offering

If you would opt to teach your children yourself, we can provide the curriculum, the materials, lesson plans, and tests—the same materials we’ll be using in our own classes. The only difference is that you will be the teacher!



₱ 19, 000



₱ 39, 000



₱ 59, 000

Ideal for Parents who ….

Want to design, develop and deliver their child’s education

Want to deliver their child’s education

Juggle domestic and work responsibilities with teaching their children


Effort Needed


Develop materials;

deliver lessons

Deliver lessons

Devote time learning effective teaching styles

Focus on what truly matters – teaching their child

Efficiently be your child’s teacher Be the best teacher to your child
What you can expect


  •  Parent-Teacher Guide and Training
  • Quarterly check-up
  • Quarterly check for schoolwork, portfolio, and tests
  • FB community
  • Online helpline
  • Lesson plan Development Guide
  •  Reference Materials recommendation
  • Documentation (progress monitoring)

  • ALL Essential+
  • Well-being workshop
  • Actual powerpoints and materials used by our teachers
  • Quarterly performance review (Student)
  • ALL Special +
  • Singapore Math
  • Mind Mapping
  • Speed Reading
  • One-on-one well-being consultation
  • Actual videos of our teachers teaching students

Homeschool Support


We understand that not all parents have the skills to teach certain subjects. Not only will we provide you with the tools you need to give you support, but AHEAD Junior is also here to teach your children! AHEAD Junior’s tutors are equipped with the knowledge and skills to teach your kids, especially in subjects like Math and Science, that you may have problems with.

Tutorial for subjects your child just can’t understand

Review for PEPTest and entrance exams

Training for Teachers & Parents

We can teach teacher-parents how to teach your children.