AHEAD Alpha prepares your child for the world.

What makes AHEAD Alpha a cut above the rest?

AHEAD Alpha’s curriculum and programs are designed to ensure that your children grow up to be globally-responsible citizens.



Alpha combines the best attributes of traditional education, progressive learning and homeschooling providing every student learning that is tailored, structured, and experiential.



AHEAD Alpha’s learning is tailor-made for each student, the very same way homeschooling is customized for each child. In Alpha, we’ll make sure that you will play a big role in your child’s education.

Progressive learning

AHEAD Alpha prizes experience over memorization, the same way progressive approaches focus on learning by doing. Your children will learn moral values and become better citizens!

Traditional education

AHEAD Alpha still retains the organization and structure of traditional education, which will help your children excel based on DepEd standards. With us, tests are only for accreditation! So, your children will be at par, or even better, than their peers.


AHEAD Alpha’s programs are delivered using the BlendFlex method wherein lessons are either conducted face-to face, through pre-recorded videos or online.

BlendFlex (Blended-Flexible) learning is an effective delivery method that integrates online learning and the traditional classroom. Through BlendFlex students can switch between online learning and the traditional classroom at their own choice. This benefits students greatly, especially if the unpredictable weather or a pandemic keeps them at home, or if they lose internet access. This ensures that their learning will never be interrupted!

Because each student absorbs, processes, comprehends and retains information differently, Apha ensures the continuation of your child’s education in a safe, loving environment (your own home), regardless of the challenges that this brave new world reveals to us.



  • Convenient

    Through BlendFlex, you can choose the time and mode that best works for you and your child. This is where your children can exercise their freedom of choice. 

  • Flexible

    Does he or she enjoy the interactive digital courses the most? Or do they still want to engage in more interpersonal activities in a typical classroom setting?  Would they like a combination of both, and how would you divide his participation?

  • Customizable

    Customizing the learning mode and giving your child a hand in shaping them can add to his confidence. They will also make him realize that he is the prime mover and central figure in his own learning.

  • Quality education

    Alpha’s history of innovation coupled with its rich (teaching) experience ensures that learning will be holistic.


  • Reasonably-priced

    Alpha’s all-in tuition fee is value for money, with cost-effective plans that are easy to maintain and ensure that your child’s learning proceeds unimpeded. 

  • Learning while bonding

    The TripTeach learning approach will allow you to closely monitor and be involved, if needed with your child’s education. You can stay beside your child while he interacts with our teacher, or goes through the courses himself. You can review what he has done for the day, check his progress, and assess how much ground he still has to cover. You can also gain insights on what methods can facilitate his learning quickly but comprehensively. 

  • Inclusive

    Learning via BlendFlex gives you back control of your child’s learning pace. Because you customize the lessons in partnership with us, and with your child choosing his own platform, your child will learn at his own pace. There is no chance of him being ‘left behind.’


We believe that all of this will help us produce students who are smart, happy, strong, and ready to face a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

Alpha Teachers

  • Achievers
  • Action-oriented
  • Adaptable
  • Adept
  • Agile
  • Agreeable
  • Alert
  • Altruistic

Alpha Parents

  • are concerned with their children’s education as they try to participate in the formation of their children by partnering with the school
  • seek the importance of quality education as much as inculcating good values
  • have time to guide and encourage their children

Alpha Students

  • comfortable in the digital world
  • respectful, responsible, and responsive
  • curious, creative, and analytical
  • team players, leaders, cheerleaders
  • smart and can communicate well in English

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